“The forgotten empowerment in aid, and how to cure it with ‘fact-based’ dialogue” Mar 2016 Jakarta, Indonesia

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1.Introduction to Fact-based dialogue

In this provocative talk, the two authors Nobuaki Wada and Toyokazu Nakata, reveal how most well-intentioned aid programs have failed in empowering people in developing countries, and propose that the dialogue based on simple ‘fact questions’ can change the whole framework of donor-recipient relationship in aid programs and encourage local people’s initiative to solve their own problems.
Through their past “bitter” experiences in the field, Wada and Nakata reflect on their own misconceptions of community development and share how they have developed a new and unique way of facilitation for establishing a true empowerment.


Nobuaki Wada (Director of Overseas Projects of Mura no Mirai)
Toyokazu Nakata (Executive Director of Mura no Mirai)


2.Date and Venue

Date 17th March, Thursday 18:30-20:00   Time has been changed to 17:00-20:00
Venue Jetro Jakarta
(Summitmas 1, Lantai 6 Jl.Jend Sudirman Kav 61-62 Jakarta 12190)
Maximum number of participants: 30  Full
Hosting organization: Mura no Mirai
Fee: Free
Language: English


3. Registration/Inquiry

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4.Reference book

Reaching out to Field Reality

Reaching out to Field Reality

Reaching Out to Field Reality: Meta-Facilitation for Community Development Workers



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