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Enforcement of Micro-Credit for the residents BPL (Below Poverty Line) of suburban Vishakhapatna (VVK Phase 2 project)


What is VVK? – The Previous Project
Why is VVK Phase 2 needed?
Activities and Achievements

What is VVK? – The Previous Project

Visakha Vanita Kranti (VVK) is a micro-finance organization originally formed by women’s Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in Visakhapatnam City, Andhra Pradesh, India. During the previous project (PCUR-LINK Project), Mura no Mirai facilitated the establishment of VVK and provided various capacity building training to the VVK members. VVK generates resources from and issues micro loans to its inner members, and all its decision making and daily operation activities are done by selected members. (more details in PCUR-LINK URL).


Why is VVK Phase 2 needed?

Since the PUCR-LINK project was finished, the Visakha Vanita Kranti (VVK) had been managed by its members without any financial support from other organizations. Meanwhile, the organization was rapidly expanding, and the number of members grew six-fold in three years (As of 2009).
However, the VVK members noticed that, in the developed suburban public residential area—Vambay Colony, the new residents who shifted from different colonies and thus left their previously belonged SHG, couldn’t find access to micro-credit service. VVK regard their problem as an opportunity to achieve its objective of increasing members. At the meantime, the rising number of new members, as well as handwriting accounting work, resulted in the mess of data and documentation management. There was a strong need to set up a data-management system and to involve more women from Vambay Colony into VVK’s micro-credit activity.



March 2010 Launch of VVK Phase 2 Project
April 2010 1st Trainer workshop – Internal fund rotation and bookkeeping
May 2010 Practical test and trainer selection
Mura no Mirai conducted a selection to the trainer applicants by making them do the bookkeeping for SHE’s one-year-accounts, and 12 candidates passed this practical demonstration.
June 2010 1st workshop for all members
August 2010 Investigation to all VVK members
Because the account data is different in office account and members’ individual account, VVK carried out a investigation to all the members. As a result, it became clear that some VVK staffs had broken the rules.
 October 2010 2nd Trainer workshop – VVK’ rules and regulations
VVK general meeting and the mid-term project report
 November 2010 2nd workshop for all members
  Because we found out the cheating behavior between the workshop monitors and trainers, since the 2nd workshop, all monitoring are done by Mura no Mirai staffs.
 December 2010 Restart of loan service with new staff system
January 2011 3rd Trainer workshop – How to use VVK loans?
February 2011 3rd workshop for all members
  4rd Trainer workshop – Improve family livelihood
March 2011 4th workshop for all members
Before, the implementation of each workshop for all members took 2 months. However, after adding “No cancel on the same day ” to the evaluation of the trainers, the implementation became much faster, and the 4th workshop took only 3 weeks.
April 2011 Election for new operating committee, and training workshop for the new committee members and staffs
  The training for committee members and staffs is routinely conducted since November 2010. After this workshop at April 2011, VVK started to us staff evaluation sheet to improve the staff capacity.
 June 2011 Utilizing the software to managing loans and memberships
 July 2011 Project wind up feedback survey
9 surveyors were selected to conduct the feedback survey and received relevant training, and 680 randomly selected members took the survey.
Training 1 “Internal fund rotation” mock session with toy currency. 
Participants were able to understand how to rotate money with regular saving and repayment.
Training 2-VVK rules and Regulation”
3POS transaction gadget with VVK staff  4
VVK members learned how to check correct posting in receipt and passbook of VVK.
Sample screenshot of software


Activities and Achievements

  •  Mura no Mirai (formerly as SOMNEED) held four training workshops for VVK trainers, the themes include internal fund rotation, VVK rules and regulation, VVK loan, and home economy. Those trainers conducted 476 training workshops for VVK members’ capacity building, and 5,310 people have participated.
  • Mura no Mirai created and published three training manuals (both in Telugu and in English), as well as one booklet, for the capacity building of women’s organization.
  • VVK acquired the capacity to deal with services to more than one thousand memberships. The average time of per service decreased and the quantity of loan services that VVK can offer increased from 24.6 per month to 158.3 per month, thanks to the training workshops and the system change from hand-writing to using management software and database.
  • More than 95% members living in Vambay Colony and other slum areas feel that their SHG’s micro-credit function is more activated after the project, and more members realized the convenience of VVK’s loans (according to the wind-up feedback survey).
  •  Most of above low-income women became able to make plans of borrowing and using loans after participating the training workshops (according to the wind-up feedback survey). The total loans that VVK issued increased as shown in the following chart:



Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Partnership Program
JPP is one of the technical cooperation program schemes under Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA). The program is formulated by Japanese NGO and implemented with the collaboration with local NGOs.



After the project had ended, Mura no Mirai staffs stopped the routine participation in VVK’s daily activities, and VVK has been operated and controlled entirely by its members. Meanwhile, VVK members have now been paying counseling fee to SOMNEED India for regular capacity building training.
Moreover, VVK keeps continuously growing after the project. As of August 2016, VVK had approximately 3,500 memberships, covering about 200 slums, and its monthly loan amount has increased to 350,000 Rupees. The total amount of loans that VVK has issued since its establishment in 2006 has already exceeded 100,000,000 Rupees.