Nepal Earthquake – Emergency Appeal

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The earthquake measuring magnitude7.8  hit Nepal on 25th April, 2015, causing devastation in many places in Nepal and neighboring countries. We so far confirmed damages in our project sites in Kathmandu/ outside the Kathmandu valley, and decided to start rehabilitation support.

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We decided to support local people’s action for rehabilitation and started research and preparation on 28 Apr.
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Apr 28 Decided 1st action

We decided to deliver emergency supplies to Palung municipality in Makwanpur district, 150 km south west from Kathmandu as the 1st action since most of emergency relief goods are now concentrated in the capital city Kathmandu and rural areas has not received enough. We have been contacting with Makwanpur Emergency Relief Committee in Makwanpur District level (members are from different Political parties, CBOs, Social organizations etc.)
From this day onward, 2 Japanese staffs and their families could go back to their home from a refuge outside.

Activity Report as of Apr 30

Identified extent of damage

We identified extent of earthquake damage and what have been done by Nepali government and other organizations as emergency rescue in the area where Mura no Mirai and SOMNEED Nepal have implemented a project.

Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur district
From 2007 to 2010, Mura no Mirai and SOMNEED NEPAL implemented a project of forest preservation with community people of Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur district.
At this point,
No. of totally collapsed houses: 1388 houses
No. of partially damaged houses: 2815 houses
Villagers are not yet provided with tents and tarps since not enough stocks are available at the facility of Nepali Army. 5 days had passed since the 1st hit of the Earthquake and no emergency supplies had reached this area. Now it is beyond the limit of their patience.

Deshe village, Kathmandu
Mura no Mirai/SOMNEED Nepal have been working with them since 2014 February to implement a project of constructing a wastewater treatment system.
In Deshe village, there are 177 households out of which 50 houses were damaged or collapsed to the ground. After earthquake, Nepali army came to village to investigate the number of damaged houses, and supply food for 3-4 days. Currently not enough clean drinking water or tarps/tents are available in this village.

What we did

Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur district
We are trying to get tarps and other relief supplies

Deshe village, Kathmandu
So far we distributed
-1,000 liter of drinking water
-72 water jars (contains 20 liters each)
-Tarps for 26 households

Activity Report as of May 2

Following our first emergency supplies distribution on April 30th 2015 in Deshe village,
-8,000 liters of water
-tarps for 32 households
were distributed.
Thanks to your donation, we could purchase those supplies and distribute them to villagers whose houses were totally damaged.
We continue to focus on supporting people in Makwanpur from now on.

Activity Report as of May 3

Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur district
We are preparing to deliver emergency supplies to Thaha Municipality (e.g. tarps that we purchased inside and outside Nepal.)

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