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The founding
– In response to a call for support from a dear friend in India

Mr. Nobuaki Wada, a former chairman of the board, founded a voluntary group called ” Sangam-no-Kai (group of Sangham)” in Takayama, Gifu, Japan after receiving an urgent request for support from his friend, who at that time was a representative of an Indian NGO. Then he started his first program to support minority groups in rural areas in the south of India, Andhra Pradesh.

  • Foundation of voluntary group “Sangam-no-Kai”
  • Forest Plantation named “Brotherhood Plantation Program” started in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Name of the organization in English was decided as “SOMNEED” which stands for Society for Mutual aid, Networking, Environment, Education and Development.
  • Survey for Income Generation Program for the poor conducted
  • Preliminary survey for Literacy Program at night
  • Income Generation Program for the poor started
  • Night Literacy Program for children started
  • COMNEED (Community-Need based program) for enhancing livelihood started
  • Cyclone Emergency Relief Program implemented
  • Field survey for Joint Ecological Energy Program conducted with Sri Lankan and Indian NGO
  • Field survey for programs in India conducted

Persevering through Trial and Error

While implementing training programs in villages of South India by Japanese experts invited from Japan and conducting field survey, the organization was questioning its fundamental approach to development aid projects and seeking a methodology for creating better results.

Around this time, activities got expanded through hosting trainees from overseas in Takayama city in Gifu Pref. Japan and collaboration with private companies in Japan

  • The first survey conducted by a forestry expert from Takayama in India
  • Land survey and map making conducted by a land surveyor invited from Japan
  • Mini-Hydro Power Generation Program implemented with an Indian local counterpart NGO “WIDA”
  • Became a specified Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and name of the organization was changed to “SOMNEED Sangham”
  • The second survey conducted by a forestry expert and land survey training by land surveyor from Japan conducted
  • Emergency Relief Activity for 2001 Gujarat Earthquake
  • Land Survey training conducted for staffs of 4 Indian local NGOs
  • Preliminary Survey on project of plant materials for dyeing by dispatching a Japanese expert of dyeing
  • SOMNEED India established in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Training programs for filed staffs by Institute of Participatory Development based in Japan
  • Community Based Plantation Program under financial support by Chubu Electrical Company of Japan started
  • Feasibility Study for project in Nepal started
  • Accepting JICA Indonesia trainees to Takayama city, Gifu Pref. Japan
  •  Name of organisation was changed to “SOMNEED” as Non-Profit Organisation
  • Evaluation by the third person for Projects in India conducted
  • Special Assistance for Project Formation (SAPROF) in India commisioned by Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Enrichment of Projects and Strength of Promotion

As the style and function was shifted from the donor to the body of project implementation, projects in slum of Visakhapatnam, India and Nepal were started.
In Japan, by participating into AICHI-EXPO 2005 and appealing our activities in India to visitors, the organisation learned how to appeal and promote our activities.

  • PCUR-LINK project in slum area of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India started
  • Training in India for the Youth Program of Gifu Prefecture Government
  • Emergency Relief Activity for Earthquake in the Indian Ocean off Sumatra started
  • Exhibition at  Pabilion titled “Regeneration of Forest for Curry” in AICHI-EXPO 2005 in Nagoya city, Aichi Pref. Japan
  • Indo-Japan Cross Cultural Program in Chennai (collaboration with Consulate of Japan in Chennai)
  • Project of Community Forest Management in Nepal started
  • Project of Micro Watershed Management with Local Initiatives started in India
  • SAPROF for Afforestation in several States in India started
  • Exhibition of activity in a unit in Saragosa EXPO in Spain
  • 15th Anniversary
  • Award of Contributor (International Sector) of Gifu Pref
  • Number of seedlings planted since 1990s reached 900,000 record

Sharing and Extension of Methodology

Our methodology which was created and brushed up on the very project site got to be shared through training and promoted by publishing a book. Also, domestic activity in Takayama city, Japan was started to be broaden. As a result our motto “Local issue is Global issue” got more attention from the public.

  • Project on Micro Credit in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India started as Phase 2
  •  Project of Micro Watershed Management with Local Initiatives was completed.
  • Awarded of the 22nd International Exchange Award of Mainichi
  • Publish of “Reaching Out to Field Reality ; Meta-Facilitation for Community Development Workers”
  • Support for Community Business and Dispatch of Experts to remote area in Takayama city, Gifu, Japan started.
  • Awarded of the 7th JICA President towards “Micro Watershed Management with Local Initiatives, India”
  • “Command Area through Diversified Integrated Farming System (DIFS) – Advanced Micro Watershed Management with Local Initiatives” (MWS phase 2) started in India
  • Awarded of he 75th Anniversary of  Takayama -city-governing and make meritorious person for International Exchange
  • Started the Feasibility Study in Senegal, west Africa
  • Strengthening Community Action through Environmental Education and Community-Based Environment Protection Activities (Bagmati project) started in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Collaboration between Daiwa Lease for launch and management of An organisation “Machi-zukuri Spot Hida-Takayama” for networking local NPOs in Takayama city  got an award of the 10th Partnership Grand-Prix”
  • Kansai office in Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo Pref. was launched
  • Awarded of the 16th Japan Water Grand-Prix “International Contribution Award” towards “Micro Watershed Management with Local Initiatives”
  • The organisation name was changed from “SOMNEED” to “Mura no Mirai”
  • “Command Area through Diversified Integrated Farming System (DIFS) – Advanced Micro Watershed Management with Local Initiatives” (MWS phase 2)  in India was completed
  • “Reaching Out to Field Reality; Meta-Facilitation for Community Development Workers” was published
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