[Sep 2015] Basic Training of Meta-Facilitation (Kathmandu) / 【2015年9月】対話型ファシリテーション基礎講座(カトマンズ)

In 102メタファシリテーション講座(基礎講座), 3 Upcoming trainings/ events by master


Announcement on Training of “Meta-Facilitation (Dialogue-Based Facilitation) in Kathmandu, Nepal!



  1. What is Meta-Facilitation?/ メタ・ファシリテーション(対話型ファシリテーション)とは?
  2. 2015 September Course dates in Kathmandu, Nepal/ 2015年9月カトマンズ開催スケジュール
  3. Registration &  Inquiry/ 参加申し込み・問い合わせ
  4. Reference books/参考図書

1.What is Meta-Facilitation?/対話型ファシリテーションとは?

Meta-Facilitation is our unique methodology which was systematically developed based on our 20 years of field experiences.
Working at your field of community service or development, have you come across questions such as

“How do I pose questions and where do I want to take this conversation to?”
“Standing right in front of project partners (or beneficiaries as you may say), how do I start my conversation as a project donner, educator or mediator/facilitator?”
“Should I guide them or should I learn from them and how?”

Meta-Facilitation, also known as Dialogue-based facilitation, helps to unearth underlying problems of a targeted community thorough dialogue based on Fact Questions with community members. It is unique in the way that it facilitates the targeted community to find their own problems, which ensures the sustainability of activities initiated by them. It is a useful methodology recommended to all the practitioners in International development field including CSR of corporations, welfare, education and local communities.

(Key targets: Professionals in community development such as consultants, International/Local NGO workers, and expatriates of International agencies and Government offices.

Training course on “Meta-Facilitation (Dialogue-based Facilitation” is to deepen your understanding of the concept and how to utilize it in your field of expertise

そんな中、ムラのミライ(旧称・ソムニード)和田信明(元共同代表理事)・中田豊一(代表理事)は、国際協力の現場で使える実践的なファシリテーション手法の開発に長年努め、2010年10月には、その成果を著書「途上国の人々との話し方 国際協力メタファシリテーションの手法」という形で世に出しました。


2.2015 September Course dates in Kathmandu, Nepal

  1. 5th September 2015 Saturday 9:30 – 17:30 (Japanese)
    (2015年9月5日・土 午前9時半~午後5時半)(日本語)
  2. 12th September 2015 Saturday 9:30 – 17:30 (English)

1. 対話型ファシリテーション基礎講座 【日本語】★沢山のご参加ありがとうございました!

講師: 原 康子 (ムラのミライ 認定トレーナー)
日時:2015年9月5日(土) 午前9時半~午後5時半
場所:ソムニード・ネパール事務所 (ボーダナート)
* リピーター割引あり 詳細は基礎講座修了生の方に リピーター参加のご案内をご覧ください。
主催: ソムニード・ネパール

2. Basic Training on Meta-Facilitation (Dialogue-based Facilitation)*Thank you for your participation! 

Trainer: Mr. Nobuaki Wada (Founder of Mura no Mirai (Japanese NGO), Director of Projects Ovserseas)
Date/Time:12th September, Sat 9:30 – 17:30
Venue: SOMNEED NEPAL office in Boudhanath
Maximum number of participants: 15
Hosting organization: SOMNEED NEPAL
Fee: 13,000 NPR (16,000 JPY)
*If you have participated in the previous courses offered by Mura no Mirai, special fee will apply.
Language: English

SOMNEED Nepal Office Map

SOMNEED Nepal Office Map/ ソムニードネパール事務所マップ

Please click on the map for a better view. マップをクリックしてください。


基礎講座修了生の方に リピーター参加のご案内

基礎編を過去に受講した方や、インドでのコミュニティファシリテーター研修を 受講された方は参加費5,000円で受講していただけます。午前または午後のみ参加する場合は、3,000円です。ムラのミライ/ソムニード主催以外の中田豊 一による同種の研修を受講した方は10,000円にて受講していただけます。お申込みフォームの備考欄に「参加された講座の年月・場所」をご記入ください。


3. Registration/Inquiry 参加申し込み・お問い合わせ

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4.Reference book/参考図書

Reaching out to Field Reality
Reaching Out to Field Reality: Meta-Facilitation for Community Development Workers


途上国の人々との話し方 国際協力メタ・ファシリテーションの手法