[March 2016] Basic Training of Meta-Facilitation in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Announcement on Training of “Meta-Facilitation (Dialogue-Based Facilitation) in Kathmandu, Nepal!

20150912 Basic course in KTM



1.What is Meta-Facilitation?

Meta-Facilitation is our unique methodology which was systematically developed based on our 20 years of field experiences.
Working at your field of community service or development, have you come across questions such as

“How do I pose questions and where do I want to take this conversation to?”
“Standing right in front of project partners (or beneficiaries as you may say), how do I start my conversation as a project donner, educator or mediator/facilitator?”
“Should I guide them or should I learn from them and how?”

Meta-Facilitation, also known as Dialogue-based facilitation, helps to unearth underlying problems of a targeted community thorough dialogue based on Fact Questions with community members. It is unique in the way that it facilitates the targeted community to find their own problems, which ensures the sustainability of activities initiated by them. It is a useful methodology recommended to all the practitioners in International development field including CSR of corporations, welfare, education and local communities.

(Key targets: Professionals in community development such as consultants, International/Local NGO workers, and expatriates of International agencies and Government offices.)

Training course on “Meta-Facilitation (Dialogue-based Facilitation” is to deepen your understanding of the concept and how to utilize it in your field of expertise.



2.Course dates in Kathmandu, Nepal

[March] 26th March, Saturday 9:30 – 17:30 (ENG)

Venue: SOMNEED NEPAL office in Boudhanath
Maximum number of participants: 15
Hosting organization: SOMNEED NEPAL
Fee: 13,000 NPR (16,000 JPY)
*If you have participated in the previous courses offered by Mura no Mirai, special fee will apply.
Language: English


SOMNEED Nepal Office Map

Please click on the map for a better view.


Repeater Discount

If you have participated in the previous Meta-Facilitation Basic Course offered by Mura no Mirai, repeater fee of 4,000 NPR will apply. If you attend the morning session or afternoon session, 2,000 NPR is the participation fee.
8,000 NPR will apply if you have participated in the similar facilitation course offered by Mr. Toyokazu NAKATA (Executive Director of Mura no Mirai).

If you think repeater discount will apply for your next participation, please specify the place and the year of your previous training course in the following registration message. If you are not clear if repeater discount applies for your case, please contact us.


3. Registration/Inquiry

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4.Reference book

Reaching out to Field Reality

Reaching out to Field Reality

Reaching Out to Field Reality: Meta-Facilitation for Community Development Workers